The Weight is Back!

That is right, only a week in Romania and all the weight I lost (only about 10Ib) has been gained back. This puts my at a healthy 165pounds (or 75kg for those EU readers), actually five more pounds then when I left. Trust me gaining weight is important when your thin guy like myself. Truly though my week in Romania has been much more than food, it was a well deserved break from the constant moving around of the travel life. A week in a real bed, with real food goes a long way. This week was also great because I got to see my Romanian extended family yet again. I originally met them two years ago on my family’s Euro-adventure so it was great to be able to reunite so soon. I have pretty much spent my time in between Sibiu, which I mentioned in my earlier post, and Cimpeni, Nicholas and Jenni’s home town. The first few days were mainly spent discovering the town of Sibiu, 2007’s European Cultural Capital. It’s quite a pretty town with many old buildings (most older than Canada). I mainly just explored the town by foot, but also checked out a few museums and churches. In Delia’s free time we would mainly take short trips out of town to visit the surrounding attractions. This weekend was spent in Cimpeni which was quite nice due to the familiarity. This is the town my family and myself spent pretty much all of our last stay in. Prior to Cimpeni I had only seen Delia, Bogdan, and Nicholas, so it was especially nice to see the rest of the family. So in short this week has been a relaxing one that mixed sightseeing, eating, reuniting, and sleeping all together into one nice package. Thank you Romanian family!


One response to “The Weight is Back!

  1. Lawrence Saracuse

    Hi Tay: Having experienced the consummate hospitality of our Romanian family, it is little wonder that your weight jumped back up in a week. I recall that their dining room table overflows with delicious, wholesome, fresh, local food and plenty of beverages, served with LOVE and laughter – a big slice of HEAVEN. I am so very pleased you are able to spend so much time with them (and thanks for the telephone call – it made Mom & I feel like we were seated at the table with the whole family.
    Awesome! Special! LOVE to you and the Romanian Saracuse clan. Dad

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