A Great Deal of Business

First off I apologize for not writing a blog entry for a while now. I have been running around like mad hence the title of this entry. Lets then bring all you readers up to date. I did end up going in to the Austrian country side with my CS host Fabian only to later check my email that night to find out Ticket Online Austria actually managed to get me a ticket for the sold out Frequency Festival. This meant I had to then hitch the next morning back into Vienna and then to the festival itself which would start at 2:00pm. Amazingly I made it on time, with plenty of extra time actually, to the festival. Unfortunately I tried several times to call the random CSer that had offered me a tent to stay in, but there was no answer. Thus I made a sign which read, “Looking for a tent to sleep in tonight. I am Canadian and a nice guy.” Within 2 minutes I had 2 British and 3 Austrian guys in front of me, and a little drunk, offering me a tent to stay in. Ended up they were all super nice guys and I enjoyed the whole festival with them (Liam, Niel, Thomas, David, & Michael). The festival highlight (and the reason I went) by far was alternative rock band, Radiohead. After seeing them they were immediately put on to my top 5 live acts I’ve seen so far. After the festival I made my way to Frankfurt to meet up with some fellows, Nicky & Bastian, I actually shared a ride with going from Vienna to St. Polten (the town where the festival was). I got to spent three days just outside Frankfurt at Nicky’s place and it was quite a good time. We mainly hung out with his friends and did various things such as, swimming, football, etc. Then I flew back to Dublin were I currently am located right now. The first day I found it really hard to find a couch, but eventually found one with a guy named Rory. I couldn’t arrive to his home till quite late though so I caught Inglorious Bastards, a classic Quentin film! Yesterday morning I finally found a “permanent” couch with a host named Stuart, a classic music slash painting enthusiast. We went out for a night of Jazz and today was mainly a day for relaxing, BUT I am about to head out the door to see one of my favorite bands, Wilco. Should be amazing. I look forward to telling you all about it.


One response to “A Great Deal of Business

  1. thanks for the update Tay. Hope you enjoy your concert!
    Love Mom

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