Give Me Moher

Unlike the usual circumstance I did not find a place to rest my head after my last entry. I ended up doing a desperate thing and actually getting a bed at a hostel. Can you imagine? I know it’s hard isn’t it. Anyways, I was looking to do the party thing and meet up with some people in my room, seeing as I was in a hostel, but the two actually cool girls in my room were off to a local friend’s house for dinner, so I couldn’t really invite myself. Hence I made my way to Galway’s most famous fish and chips place, McDoughs, for some cod, some old timer music, and some pleasant ease dropping. So despite a lack of partying a good evening was had. The morning after I got lucky again and a couchsurfer replied to my emergency request. His name is Tristan, from America, and I have been at his place for the last three nights. Thus far he’s brought me to a couple of the famous pubs and we’ve enjoyed some really late nights being Irish along with another surfer he’s hosting named Christian, from Germany. Today I hitched back and forth from Galway to the Cliffs of Moher. I had a few fun rides and found myself at one point putting tickets into the parking lot pay booth for people driving by it as it was too high for most people to reach. Oh ya, and the cliffs are good. Anyways, not much more too say. Peace out readers.


One response to “Give Me Moher

  1. Hey Tay,
    Dad and I were at the Cliffs of Mohr with John & Avril and Kevin & Rose. It was quite the drive to get there especially with the narrow roads!
    Quite beautiful but I don’t think they rival our Rocky Mountains!
    Love Mom

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