Da Nort Ain’t All Dat Dangerous

I went north and it was good. I made my way there Tuesday morning with a few rides, two of which were quite amusing. One being an Italian mother with three daughters and second being a old couple in catering van. The wife from the old couple did not stop talking about her children from the moment I got in the van until the moment I got out, not to forget the “stay away from drugs” farewell. Once I arrived in Belfast, North Ireland’s capital city, I was delighted to actually find a city. A beautiful one in fact, that was a excellent size for walking. I spent my first three days with a CS host by the name of Harriet and she and I enjoyed salsa, dominoes, and a work dinner together. Most of my other time was spend exploring the city and slipping in periods of free internet at the Apple store. I also made my way up to Giant’s Causeway, which is quite the natural wonder. I managed to include some castle ruins and a rope bridge over the rocky coast of Ireland in to this short day trip as well. All I got to say is hitching is beneficial in more ways than one. Unfortunately my second planned host bailed out on me after a long fuss and a lack of communication on his side. I was able to find me a free night at a hostel lat night (which is quite the feet I might add, hostels don’t do this), but decided to come back to Dublin a day early today because why not? I even finally fit in my visit to the Jame Joyce Center today, which I have been trying to do for ages. Learned a little bit more about one of my favorite authors. Knowledge is power, as they say. Tomorrow is my last full day of travel… weird. Peace and Love.


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