Some Useful Facts One Should Know Before Coming To Europe

Well it’s that time again. Leg number 4, “The Tri-F Fenture,” has concluded and so has my 7 and a half month journey, therefore here’s a list of things I’ve noted on this leg of the trip.

  1. Total number of countries I’ve visited on this trip: 22
  2. Number of stops made in Europe: honestly don’t feel like counting
  3. Time spent in Europe: 75 days
  4. Time abroad thus far: 222 days! (how good am I?)
  5. New countries visited in Europe: Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Slovenia, North Ireland (yes, I realize it’s UK, but whatever)
  6. People I’ve met while in Europe: Jill, Byron & Luke, Florent, and all the Romanian family
  7. Way to stay in countries: Couchsurfing… have you heard about it?
  8. Number of good rides hitching: Uncountable
  9. Number of bad rides hitching: 1, which involved a crazy Moroccan truck driver in Italy
  10. Good places to hitch: Germany, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, and Romania
  11. Bad places to hitch: Italy and Austria
  12. Rule: Avoid swimming in any city river
  13. Rule: Don’t expect good service in Amsterdam
  14. Fact: You can smuggle three 50ml beer cans in between your crotch when going through festival security (also note they wont confiscate flasks)
  15. Fact: You still need toilet paper here
  16. Fact: Lion Bars are amazing
  17. Fact: Ice cream scoops are so pussy here (not at this random place in Vienna though)
  18. Warning: Irish women (I really don’t mean to be sexist, really)
  19. Warning: You can never escape the sprinklers!
  20. Warning: Never ask to use a garbage bin when entering a store in Ireland… never!
  21. Favorite food: Kabab
  22. Favorite place: BMW Museum
  23. Favorite festival: Tie between Sziget and Melt
  24. Favorite act: Radiohead
  25. 1 more fact: Europe still hasn’t got old

Hope you have enjoyed reading the blog and a BIG thanks for reading it. One last “Peace and Love.” Thanks again and again and again.


4 responses to “Some Useful Facts One Should Know Before Coming To Europe

  1. Lawrence Saracuse

    Now hold on there just one minute. You can’t stop blogging! You’re just about to start on another chapter of your “young man out of Canada” experience. Don’t close the book. We need more “Peace and Love” sign offs to many many many blogs to come. What say you?
    Love you. Miss you. Dad.

  2. Yeah, seriously eh?
    You can’t just end the blog! I mean, unless you start a new one or something.

  3. definitely needs a prequel

  4. #19. amen. unforgettable. can’t wait to hear all about this next part!

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