About Me

img_0783Who is Taylor Saracuse?

I am a 18 year old common day adventurer looking for the truth. About what? I have no idea, but hopefully it will come (boy am I deep…). The story begins with my birth. I was born in Coquitlam BC (or for ease of geography, Vancouver) and grew up with two loving parents and my sister, Tara, who is three years my senior. I played out my early years in a large house with a vast front lawn which still today retains many fond memories. At age 7 my family and I made the move to my current permanent residence, Victoria BC. I attended Gordon Head Elementary for the majority of my youth and vastly expanded my yearning to discover. I then switched to Cedar Hill Jr. High for my grade eight year in which I established the base to the group of friend I would spend most of time with throughout the teenage years. I then made my way to Mount Douglas Secondary in which I got heavily involved in leadership program and theater (both the performance and the technical sides of it). Through all these years I have been privileged enough to have done much traveling. Some places I have ventured includes 10 European countries, Jamaica, Mexico, several US states, Alberta, Ontario, and the majority of BC. These experiences have given me the confidence I need to embark on this wild journey that lie ahead. I hope you enjoy the read.


4 responses to “About Me

  1. I am amazed by the ambitious trip you have planned but I have no doiubt that you will have life altering, fantastic experience. I look foreward to following your blog …will call tonight…hope I have not missed you!!!
    Love and hugs, Aunt Carma and Scott

  2. Good luck Taylor. Travelling rocks.
    Cousin Adam.

  3. Taylor..we are so excited for you!
    Enjoy every moment!

  4. hey dood! im really sorry i didnt send you a bon voyage message. well i guess here it is. take care, travel well.
    Remember: just cause you’re on the other side of the globe, doesnt mean i cant laugh hysterically with you. i would strongly recommend a separate page on the blog, for hilarious weird shit that happens to you or any of your adventurer companions.

    ps. as soon as you get an address in germany, send it homeward bound. im coming to visit you.

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