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Some Useful Facts One Should Know Before Coming To Europe

Well it’s that time again. Leg number 4, “The Tri-F Fenture,” has concluded and so has my 7 and a half month journey, therefore here’s a list of things I’ve noted on this leg of the trip.

  1. Total number of countries I’ve visited on this trip: 22
  2. Number of stops made in Europe: honestly don’t feel like counting
  3. Time spent in Europe: 75 days
  4. Time abroad thus far: 222 days! (how good am I?)
  5. New countries visited in Europe: Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Slovenia, North Ireland (yes, I realize it’s UK, but whatever)
  6. People I’ve met while in Europe: Jill, Byron & Luke, Florent, and all the Romanian family
  7. Way to stay in countries: Couchsurfing… have you heard about it?
  8. Number of good rides hitching: Uncountable
  9. Number of bad rides hitching: 1, which involved a crazy Moroccan truck driver in Italy
  10. Good places to hitch: Germany, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, and Romania
  11. Bad places to hitch: Italy and Austria
  12. Rule: Avoid swimming in any city river
  13. Rule: Don’t expect good service in Amsterdam
  14. Fact: You can smuggle three 50ml beer cans in between your crotch when going through festival security (also note they wont confiscate flasks)
  15. Fact: You still need toilet paper here
  16. Fact: Lion Bars are amazing
  17. Fact: Ice cream scoops are so pussy here (not at this random place in Vienna though)
  18. Warning: Irish women (I really don’t mean to be sexist, really)
  19. Warning: You can never escape the sprinklers!
  20. Warning: Never ask to use a garbage bin when entering a store in Ireland… never!
  21. Favorite food: Kabab
  22. Favorite place: BMW Museum
  23. Favorite festival: Tie between Sziget and Melt
  24. Favorite act: Radiohead
  25. 1 more fact: Europe still hasn’t got old

Hope you have enjoyed reading the blog and a BIG thanks for reading it. One last “Peace and Love.” Thanks again and again and again.

The Last Day: Day #222

I’ve tried my best today make a day of  my last day. Now isn’t that a mouthful. Today I woke up, didn’t take a shower, while it was still socially acceptable, and then hit the world. By world I mean to say I visited Dublin’s famous Kilmainham Gaol prison and the Modern Art Museum. Both were engaging and interesting. Well the art museum had it failing moments, but such is art. On my return from these attractions I spent some time saying good-bye to Stu, my reoccurring Dublin host. Then I passed some hours by seeing District 9, which seems to become a better movie the more I think about. After that I was a good boy and talked to my mom on Skype for a while. Oh, there was a Quiznos sandwich and a Lion Bar somewhere in between all this activity. I have also had many moments today where I have either got extremely excited or nervous about the prospect of arriving in Berlin tomorrow. I have just had to tell myself it is just another challenge. A challenge quite similar to the last 7 and a half months I rocketed through. So all I can do now is use my knowledge, experience, and skill to propel myself through more barriers. Oh, and of course keep my butt cheeks clenched tight to make sure the horseshoe doesn’t fall out. I love you all.


Da Nort Ain’t All Dat Dangerous

I went north and it was good. I made my way there Tuesday morning with a few rides, two of which were quite amusing. One being an Italian mother with three daughters and second being a old couple in catering van. The wife from the old couple did not stop talking about her children from the moment I got in the van until the moment I got out, not to forget the “stay away from drugs” farewell. Once I arrived in Belfast, North Ireland’s capital city, I was delighted to actually find a city. A beautiful one in fact, that was a excellent size for walking. I spent my first three days with a CS host by the name of Harriet and she and I enjoyed salsa, dominoes, and a work dinner together. Most of my other time was spend exploring the city and slipping in periods of free internet at the Apple store. I also made my way up to Giant’s Causeway, which is quite the natural wonder. I managed to include some castle ruins and a rope bridge over the rocky coast of Ireland in to this short day trip as well. All I got to say is hitching is beneficial in more ways than one. Unfortunately my second planned host bailed out on me after a long fuss and a lack of communication on his side. I was able to find me a free night at a hostel lat night (which is quite the feet I might add, hostels don’t do this), but decided to come back to Dublin a day early today because why not? I even finally fit in my visit to the Jame Joyce Center today, which I have been trying to do for ages. Learned a little bit more about one of my favorite authors. Knowledge is power, as they say. Tomorrow is my last full day of travel… weird. Peace and Love.

It’s Been A Picnic

On Thursday night I was craving another plate of the McDough’s fish and chips. My dilemma was that the fish and chips, garlic sauce included, cost about 10EU. This my friends is considered a night out for yours truly. I had to come up with a solution quickly or my tummy would be angered. The most obvious thing to do, stand on one of Galway’s busiest pedestrian areas and sing funny songs about about the people passing me with a guitar in hand. With a sign that read, “Singing for fish and chips” my problem was solved. Within an hour and a half I had had a bag of chips delivered to me and had made about 12EU. Enough for another serving of chips, this time with the fish. The next day I was off to my last festival of the summer, which also happened to be my Birthday present (thanks Mom and Dad xoxoxo). This festival went by the name of Electric Picnic, a mainstream festival that still caters to the hippie type. The site was covered in random art installations, families with construction ear plugs on their children, and old people on all types of drugs. The best acts of the festival included Basement Jaxx, The Low Anthem, Explosions in the Sky, Beach House, and Rodrigo y Gabriela. Brian Wilson was also pretty prime, mainly due to the fact that he seemed to be reading his lyrics of a monitor at the side of his piano he hardly played. He was actually a great example of why drugs are bad. As for who I was with, I spent the majority of the time at the festival with my Galway CS host, Tristan, but also managed to meet up with some randoms. All and all it was an enjoyably muddy weekend and I am now back in Dublin to relax for a day at Stu’s place. Off to North Ireland tomorrow. The journey is slowly coming to a close, but the adventure continues in Berlin. I’ll keep you posted. Peace and Love.

Give Me Moher

Unlike the usual circumstance I did not find a place to rest my head after my last entry. I ended up doing a desperate thing and actually getting a bed at a hostel. Can you imagine? I know it’s hard isn’t it. Anyways, I was looking to do the party thing and meet up with some people in my room, seeing as I was in a hostel, but the two actually cool girls in my room were off to a local friend’s house for dinner, so I couldn’t really invite myself. Hence I made my way to Galway’s most famous fish and chips place, McDoughs, for some cod, some old timer music, and some pleasant ease dropping. So despite a lack of partying a good evening was had. The morning after I got lucky again and a couchsurfer replied to my emergency request. His name is Tristan, from America, and I have been at his place for the last three nights. Thus far he’s brought me to a couple of the famous pubs and we’ve enjoyed some really late nights being Irish along with another surfer he’s hosting named Christian, from Germany.  Today I hitched back and forth from Galway to the Cliffs of Moher. I had a few fun rides and found myself at one point putting tickets into the parking lot pay booth for people driving by it as it was too high for most people to reach. Oh ya, and the cliffs are good. Anyways, not much more too say. Peace out readers.

Irish Times

WILCO WAS AMAZING. Okay, so maybe not up to Radiohead standards, but still a stellar live show. Top notch audience interaction combined with great musicianship made for an unbelievably enjoyable evening and an easy sleep. The next day was a good one as well as I spent the better part of the afternoon searching for second hand jeans (yeah 18EU Ralph Lauren jeans!) and picking up my Birthday present. Can you guess what it is? Okay, it’s quite obvious… another festival, but that will be covered in a future entry. After my afternoon had ended I went back to Stuart’s to share some Linda McCartney lasagna, apparently dead women can still cook, and watch Dead Man with Johnny Depp. Dead Man was never finished though because we had to make our way to the monthly Dublin CS party (I’ll finish it later). It was fairly good evening of conversing with a bunch of randoms, which is always fun. Today I hitched to Galway after another lazy morning and am now found myself looking for a place to stay again. PS for those of you wondering the short bike tour I was planning got canceled. Used bikes are apparently far too expensive in Dublin. Hope all is well over there. Peace and Love.