More Pictures











Street Vendor on Langkawi.

Chinatown in Singapore.


10 responses to “More Pictures

  1. The blog is a great idea.
    Have a wonderful trip.
    Have fun, be safe and have a fabulous

  2. Hi Tay! Where’s the pictures? We can’t live vicariously through you if you enter such brief, non-descriptive comments about your days and there are no pictures! Hey boy – get with your blog program. J

  3. Hey Tay,
    I have my breakfast with you most mornings. You should know that your inspiring tales are making it really difficult to accept the status quo and going to work is somewhat anti climatic!!!
    Looking forward to more pics. You are amazing – thanks for sharing.

  4. Taylor,
    the tiger is gorgeous. where did you see him?

  5. taylorsaracuse

    Saw the tiger at the Singapore Zoo. Sorry there are no explanations for the pictures, the formating is kind of tricky.

  6. whats in the big guy’s box?

  7. Loving the blog my bro. Great pictures and stories, I check for updates pretty regularly now that I’ve found it. Any chance you’re gonna go to China? Me and Matt R are going in May. We’ll have a blog up. Maybe we can be ~*~bLoGfRiEnDs~*~ anyways, keep us in tune!

    • taylorsaracuse

      Hey man thanks for reading! Unfortunatly I wont be heading to China, but I’ve heard amazing things from other travellers. We could secretly meet in Tibet if you’d like though. You come from China, I’ll come from Nepal, we’ll meet in the middle. Flawless plan! Definatly down with the blogfriend thing. Peace, and thanks again for reading.

  8. blakeWallace

    tigertron looks like he’s about to take a chunk outta your face!

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