And there I was at Sziget. To give you an idea, roughly half-a-million people on one island less than 2km long with a lot of good music. Pretty much Europe’s biggest festival… okay it is. I made it to this fabulous event on Tuesday night at around 9pm and wandered around looking for the Couch Surfing camping area. I had an idea where it was and that there was flags and banner marking the area, but still no luck. I eventually found some tent space with two British guys, Dan (Slim cause we was fat) & Steve (Lofty cause we was short), which was an enjoyable experience due to their vulgar sense of humour. The next morning I woke up to check the free Internet that was available at the festival to discover I had been searching for CS in the wrong spot. Ends up the camp was only 20 meters from Dan & Steve’s tent. So I went there to find my originally planned tent surfing buddies, Laurent (Reunion Island) & Lauren (Malaysia). I spent most of the first half of the festival hanging out between Lauren and Mathidle (Australia) and another British couple Jason and Christie and one night with a random girl from Baltimore, Stephanie. On Friday for Pendulum and The Prodigy I was told there was a CS flag on the left of the stage so I investigated. Ended up being people from the other camp (there were multiple CS camping spots it turns out). So I moshed harder than I have in a while a then spent some time chilling with these new people, Sanne, Natasha, Caroline, & Hitto (all from Holland). We all got on really well and I ended up chilling with them the rest of the festival. So on and so forth the rest of the festival was stellar and I had a wonderful time and now I have a place to celebrate my Birthday in Holland with my new found friends! Now I am in Vienna and just got the super lame news that the company who was holding my tickets for my next festival (w/ Radiohead, an amazing band) have sold my ticket. Apparently it was only on hold for two weeks something they completely neglected to tell me a month ago. Well I’ll have to see how it works out, if it doesn’t I’ll probably go into the nature with my current CS host, Fabian. We’ll have to see.


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