Irish Times

WILCO WAS AMAZING. Okay, so maybe not up to Radiohead standards, but still a stellar live show. Top notch audience interaction combined with great musicianship made for an unbelievably enjoyable evening and an easy sleep. The next day was a good one as well as I spent the better part of the afternoon searching for second hand jeans (yeah 18EU Ralph Lauren jeans!) and picking up my Birthday present. Can you guess what it is? Okay, it’s quite obvious… another festival, but that will be covered in a future entry. After my afternoon had ended I went back to Stuart’s to share some Linda McCartney lasagna, apparently dead women can still cook, and watch Dead Man with Johnny Depp. Dead Man was never finished though because we had to make our way to the monthly Dublin CS party (I’ll finish it later). It was fairly good evening of conversing with a bunch of randoms, which is always fun. Today I hitched to Galway after another lazy morning and am now found myself looking for a place to stay again. PS for those of you wondering the short bike tour I was planning got canceled. Used bikes are apparently far too expensive in Dublin. Hope all is well over there. Peace and Love.


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