The Last Day: Day #222

I’ve tried my best today make a day of  my last day. Now isn’t that a mouthful. Today I woke up, didn’t take a shower, while it was still socially acceptable, and then hit the world. By world I mean to say I visited Dublin’s famous Kilmainham Gaol prison and the Modern Art Museum. Both were engaging and interesting. Well the art museum had it failing moments, but such is art. On my return from these attractions I spent some time saying good-bye to Stu, my reoccurring Dublin host. Then I passed some hours by seeing District 9, which seems to become a better movie the more I think about. After that I was a good boy and talked to my mom on Skype for a while. Oh, there was a Quiznos sandwich and a Lion Bar somewhere in between all this activity. I have also had many moments today where I have either got extremely excited or nervous about the prospect of arriving in Berlin tomorrow. I have just had to tell myself it is just another challenge. A challenge quite similar to the last 7 and a half months I rocketed through. So all I can do now is use my knowledge, experience, and skill to propel myself through more barriers. Oh, and of course keep my butt cheeks clenched tight to make sure the horseshoe doesn’t fall out. I love you all.



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