It’s Been A Picnic

On Thursday night I was craving another plate of the McDough’s fish and chips. My dilemma was that the fish and chips, garlic sauce included, cost about 10EU. This my friends is considered a night out for yours truly. I had to come up with a solution quickly or my tummy would be angered. The most obvious thing to do, stand on one of Galway’s busiest pedestrian areas and sing funny songs about about the people passing me with a guitar in hand. With a sign that read, “Singing for fish and chips” my problem was solved. Within an hour and a half I had had a bag of chips delivered to me and had made about 12EU. Enough for another serving of chips, this time with the fish. The next day I was off to my last festival of the summer, which also happened to be my Birthday present (thanks Mom and Dad xoxoxo). This festival went by the name of Electric Picnic, a mainstream festival that still caters to the hippie type. The site was covered in random art installations, families with construction ear plugs on their children, and old people on all types of drugs. The best acts of the festival included Basement Jaxx, The Low Anthem, Explosions in the Sky, Beach House, and Rodrigo y Gabriela. Brian Wilson was also pretty prime, mainly due to the fact that he seemed to be reading his lyrics of a monitor at the side of his piano he hardly played. He was actually a great example of why drugs are bad. As for who I was with, I spent the majority of the time at the festival with my Galway CS host, Tristan, but also managed to meet up with some randoms. All and all it was an enjoyably muddy weekend and I am now back in Dublin to relax for a day at Stu’s place. Off to North Ireland tomorrow. The journey is slowly coming to a close, but the adventure continues in Berlin. I’ll keep you posted. Peace and Love.


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